About Us

Having had the need to obtain replacement transfers/decals for some Matchbox models we were restoring it quickly became clear that many of the transfers that were required were either not commercially available or available only at prohibitive costs. Many of those that were available were also of dubious quality and artwork often being dried out transfers that had been in storage for years.


As a result we decided to source our own using our own artwork and using a commercial printer to produce. From that beginning we have moved to producing them entirely in-house from design through production and dispatch. Selling initially on eBay under the member id Aspiringhippo it quickly became clear that there were many people worldwide who also had a need for these transfers and so Black Square Decals was born.


Initially focused on the production of affordable high-quality transfers/decals for the Matchbox range of cars and vehicles from the 1960’s and 1970’s we are extending the range to cover other manufacturers on an almost daily basis. We now offer custom or code 3 decals for people wishing to customise models beyond their original design. We also offer an ad hoc, low volume, production service for bespoke designs. Contact us for more details.


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Black Square Decals