• Decaleeze Decal Solution for Transfer/Decal Application - 30ml Bottle

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A 30ml bottle of our own product Decaleeze. The product is a hard wearing floor polish that has benefits for the application of model decals/transfers. This is a replacement for the previously available Future or Klear which was marketed by Johnsons. That product has now been discontinued by the manufacturer. This listing is for a replacement repackaged in sensible quantities for modellers.

Applying decals to models can run into problems with regard to several factors:

  • The paint surface on which they are applied – matt surfaces are pitted at the microscopic level. This can lead to bubbles forming under the decal.
  • The edges of the carrier can be clearly visible once applied
  • Post application coating with various varnishes may damage the decals. Some varnishes react very badly with decals and have at times effectively destroyed them and at best produced a crazy paving effect across the surface.
Decaleeze addresses these issues by producing a smooth sealant to the paint layers for either matt or gloss. Application of the transfer can then be made as normal. After the transfer has dried a further thin coat will protect the transfer and again, when dry, can be varnished as required. We always advise that tests are run with varnishes to ensure there is no reaction between the varnish and the protected decal.

The product is milky white in the bottle but dries clear. The listing is for a 30ml bottle which, although small, will last for many months when used for decal application.

Full application instructions are supplied with each purchase.

Decaleeze Decal Solution for Transfer/Decal Application - 30ml Bottle

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